I believe that digital painting is a new technique and new direction in art. I am very comfortable with working with the new digital media.

I use painting techniques to create digital paintings directly on the computer. Digital painting software give artists a similar environment to a physical painter: a canvas, painting tools, mixing palettes and a multitude of color options to create an artwork. I start on a blank canvas on the monitor, using a digital paintbrush stylus. I use the exact same motions and techniques as if applying a traditional paintbrush to a canvas.

I love painting this way since it allows total control over color and light. This allows me to bring out the emotional expressiveness of the image. When the digital painting is complete, I transfer the fine art to a canvas or print it onto a high, museum quality paper. I think the main task of the modern artist is to find one's own voice as an expression of their personality projected onto the art. As an artist, one needs to experiment with different techniques and styles that open one's mind and stimulates one's creativity.

Painting has always been a matter of interest, particularly for personal enjoyment. It was originally a classic hobby, but has evolved during my life. The goal: to turn a feeling into a picture, to explain the vision in my mind's eye to the viewer, with colours and lines, and to interpret what I feel.

Leslie Frank Hollander